Blockbuster Coffee

Everyone knows that eventually DVD’s will probably get replaced by downloads (not soon, but eventually). Blockbuster’s thousands of physical stores are going to become more and more of a liability going into the futureunless they figure out how to convert each store into something more than a rental store.

In the recent years bookstores have added coffee shops (see Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble stores) to increase visitors – it’s a smart way to get more people in the store. Blockbuster should think about doing something similar. The easiest method would probably be partnering with Dunkin donuts, Starbucks, or a smaller coffee chain that would love to expand its market share.

A coffee setup usually doesn’t take up much space, and you could have lots of new visitors stopping by every day. Visitors who might like to rent a DVD while they’re waiting for their caramel machiatio to be made. It would change the entire experience and align the brand with something that’s already wildly popular.

And one day, when renting DVD’s dies out, there might be a chance to sell off the physical stores to a company that might be able to get more out of them in the future. What do you think, James Keyes?

Source photo credit: the ml

Posted on November 17, 2007